Would You Wear An Animal Tail?

Kigu Animal Tails

Kigu's Dinosaur and Fox tails.
Photo: Courtesy of Kigu

Listen, guys. We're no strangers to cosplay here at MTV Style, and the discussion we're about to open on these Kigu animal tails should in NO way be considered a Judgey McMeanieFace finger pointed at the portmanteau of costumes and role-play. In truth, we LUHHHH it and find it fascinating. We merely want to alert you, the inquisitive public readership of this here style community, to the fact that these exist. And not just in the dinosaur and fox iterations you see above. Hook yourself up with a bushy squirrel tail, an S-curve lemur look, or the slightly more subtle lion steez, depending on whatever you fancy most. The question is: would you want to?

The piecemeal integration of cosplay accessories isn't something that shocks us, lest you've forgotten the LEAGUES of celebs sporting SpiritHoods and other animal ear cowls of the like for the past year. The difference here, though, is that hoods and hats were a little less spatially obtrusive. Much like those spiked leggings we were scratching our heads about last month, we just can't help but wince imagining all the toppled drinks and desecrated tchotchke displays these posterior appendages are BOUND to exact. But then again, there's an almost secret identity, mysterious element to these tails that the more overt hood and hat cosplay accessories kind of miss. What do you think? Would you wear an animal tail?

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