Miley Cyrus Hints About Liam Hemsworth's Possible Clothing Line

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus.
Photo: Getty Images

Liam Hemsworth, fashion designer? If you ask his soon-to-be wife Miley Cyrus, it JUST MIGHT be happening. The singer was spotted at the Project New York Trade Show on Monday, checking out next season's clothes because- wait for it- Liam might start a clothing line! Women's Wear Daily reports that after Miley hit up collections from designers like Grey Ant, she told attendees at the show's after party that the reason she was there was because her fiance was curious about branching out into fashion. Hmm....interesting.

Miley's usually the one who gets the public recognition for her clothes cred- not to mention, her ever-changing fashion choices. But hey, Liam also looks pretty darn good, too, if we do say so ourselves .So maybe it's not TOO much of a stretch to think The Hunger Games star could double as a designer. And if other dudes out there happened to pick up on Liam's casual but still swoon-worthy style, too? Yeah, let's just say we wouldn't be mad...

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