Cindy Crawford And Will Smith Hang Out On 'Fresh Prince' Set: My Favorite 'House Of Style' Moment

Cindy Crawford Will Smith House of Style

Cindy Crawford and Will Smith on 'House of Style.'
Photo: MTV

Picking out my favorite House of Style segment was a TOTAL no-brainer. Anything involving the words "fresh," "prince" and "fashion" immediately make my ears perk up, and thanks to this revived episode from 1990, we get to relive host Cindy Crawford visiting a young (and dapper!) Will Smith on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Getting behind-the-scenes access to one of our favorite '90s shows is enough to make our brains explode, but when Cindy and Will get together, there's an undeniable chemistry that is just TOO GOOD to not share. (And by "undeniable chemistry" we basically mean Will is hardcore hitting on Cindy the entire time, and she totally takes the bait. LOVE.)

After Will easily convinces Cindy to hang out in his bedroom (don't worry, it's not as crazy as it sounds), she dives into his wardrobe where allllll the magic happens. The closet is filled with tons of kooky printed button-up shirts (yes, one even has dollar signs on it and, yes, we really want it), and we even get to peep a hilarious pair of oversized denim overalls with a fuchsia shirt. Ooooh, '90s fashion! YER KILLIN' ME. But our absolute FAVORITE part is the sped-up montage of Cindy trying on all of Will's fashunz, and making us totally jealous in the meanwhile. (Like, seriously, can we wear backward snapback hats yet? 'Cause we sure as heck want to.) After changing into numerous outfits, Will tells Cindy to do "the dumbest dance you can possibly do," and she abides. Cuteness ensues, our hearts grow fond, and all is at peace in the fashion world. Peep the GIFs below to watch Cindy bust some mean moves, and, pssst, you're welcome.

Cindy Crawford House of Style

Cindy Crawford.
Photo: MTV

Will Smith House of Style

Will Smith.
Photo: MTV


Cindy At 'Fresh Prince' With Will Smith | 'House Of Style' Collection On MTV Style

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