Cindy Crawford And Jon Stewart Have A 'Girl' Day: My Favorite 'House Of Style' Moment

Cindy Crawford, Jon StewartCindy Crawford and Jon Stewart have a "girl" day."

Photo: MTV

Full disclosure: I love the '90s. I own wayyy too much floral for one person to possibly wear (we're talking backpack, tops, pants, accessories, and even shoes). I'm still obsessed with '90s music, from Celine Dion to Beastie Boys to Ma$e. And, I owe it to Cindy, Rebecca, Shalom, and all the other small town-girls-turned-supermodels for inspiring me to take the plunge and move to New York...even though I definitely wouldn't be walking the runway myself. I used to watch House of Style with my "cool" babysitters as a kid- you know, the ones who let you stay up late and play with their makeup- and even though I still a baby and didn't understand it back in the day, I'm thrilled that the show has finally gotten the second life it deserves. Now that the HOS archive has hit the internet, everyone can indulge in the retro awesomeness that is House of Style, whether or not you're experiencing it for the first time.

My favorite moment is from episode 29, long after I've already become acquainted with the show and my not-so-secret girl crush on Cindy is in full gear. But when MTV goes and throws one of my ultimate dude crushes, Jon Stewart, into the mix, at that point let's just say I'm a total goner. The unforgettable clip shows Jon and Cindy having a self-proclaimed "girl day," swinging by Cindy's modeling agency, getting pedicures, and hitting the gym.

Sure, the situations are staged...but even so, this episode represents a genuine fish-out-of-water moment that you don't really see nowadays (I mean, just LOOK at Jon Stewart trying to chat up the models! It's just too good.). Although he's a confident and in-control comedy star on The Daily Show now, during his MTV days Jon radiates an endearing awkwardness that you can't help but find adorable. From their initial meeting (Cindy: "What do you want?!") to their salon adventure to Jon attempting to leap over hurdles, this day date is pure '90s goofy goodness. Plus, I've got to admit- they really do have AMAZING chemistry. I love how episode 29 gives access to the everyday life of a supermodel, back when we didn't have Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare to keep track of every celebrity under the sun. The video also re-instates the power that the supermodels had in their '90s heyday- Cindy is IT, and she's the one calling the shots.

Watch the clip below to see all the ridiculousness go down. After all, if House of Style has taught me anything, it's that being fashionable and being funny definitely AREN'T mutually exclusive...


Cindy Crawford and Jon Stewart | ‘House of Style’ Collection On MTV Style


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