These Are A Few Of Martina Sorbara From Dragonette's Favorite Things

Dragonette Favorite Things

The Dragonettes.
Photo: Kristin Vicari

My obsession with Dragonette front-woman Martina Sorbara has recently reached a concerning kind of level. Here's why: On stage, home girl's basically an adorbs pint-sized mind-losing sugar-free Red Bull mascot. She totally gives me Tinkerbell vibes—well, if Tink rocked messy bangs, thrift duds and belted out lovelorn synth-pop bangers to a sea of shredded skinnies-clad hipsters. Also, Dragonette's addiction-resulting shimmering pop gem smash a.k.a. "Hello" (OH HAY Top 40 in over 30 countries!) remains to be my perpetual pre-gaming-on-a-debaucherous-summer-evening go-to jam. Thanks for the devastating hangovers, girl. *chugs three Kombuchas* Incredibly important newsflash: Dragonette is back with new music (!!!) via their Bodyparts LP, out September 25th, and their video for their single, "Let It Go", finds Sorbara getting her Winona Ryder (!!!) circa Girl, Interrupted on, complete with a Robyn-esque, arms-flailing, bangs-whipping, legs-turning-into-squiggly-boiled-pasta hot scorching mess of a dance-a-thon. Because we're amazing and stuff, MTV Style got Sorbara to dish on all of her fave fashion-y thangs, and then our <3s immediately exploded into fairy dust.


Dragonette Favorite Things

All photos courtesy of Martina Sorbara

Lipstick: YSL—Rouge Pur Couture.

Statement Piece: '80s Valentino pink leather pants.

eBay Purchase: My 1986 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV.

Tattoo: A tiny brown dot beside my eye to complete a freckle triangle.


Dragonette Favorite Things

Shoes: Tiger of Sweden.

Karaoke Song: “Get Busy” by Sean Paul. (EDITOR’S DESPERATE NOTE TO MARTINA: Hi girl, can we pls do a duet to this, say, Saturday night? We also suggest Beyoncé ft. Sean Paul’s “Baby Boy.” Kthxbye.)

Nail Polish: Revlon Enamel. Red, black or beige.

Album Cover Art: Roxy Music’s Manifesto.

Fashion In A Music Video: Dexys Midnight Runners"Come On Eileen." (ED NOTE: *J’DEAD*)


Dragonette Favorite Things

Moisturizer: Brocco Fusion.

Current Obsession: My '92 Cadillac Eldorado Concert T-Shirt.

Fashion Era: '89 to '94.

Hangover Cure: Less vodka or Advil.

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