Epic-Scents Breaks Down The Essence Of Video Game Characters, Turns Them Into Fragrances

Mega Man smells like purity, bravery, and masculinity, according to Epic-Scents.
Photo: Courtesy of Capcom

OK, so when you think of fragrance and video games, your mind might wander more towards a stuffy, dark basement game room, cold pizza and Cheetos sending their odors into the air, than towards something, well, nice smelling. Epic-Scents is setting out to change that perception, however, by designing scents that target the essence of video game characters, replicating something of the feeling of playing your favorite games. You know the rush you get when you beat that particularly fearsome boss, or when you actually completely finish a game? We remember the Super Mario Bros. quests of our childhood, and it's true, those experiences have a certain unique nostalgia. The scientists at Epic-Scents have figured out how to bottle that nostalgia, with a line of fragrance-based products developed to represent some of our favorite classic video game heroes. The collection will start with Capcom's Mega Man and Proto Man Characters, with air fresheners, followed shortly by perfumes and other scented products.

In developing the scents, the scientists at Epic-Scents first had to identify the three basic traits of each character. For Mega Man, the company landed on purity, bravery, and masculinity, which they then translated into scents, respectively, as a tropical breeze, citrus, and musk. The smell is called "Cool Rush," which we think goes along perfectly with Mega Man's cool blue outfit. As for Proto Man, the more rebellious character got a spicier scent, which the company is calling "Apple Cinnamon."

What do you think of Epic-Scents video game fragrances?

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