Rihanna Inspires Us To Buy Pineapple-Themed Everything!

Rihanna Pineapple Rimper

Rihanna wears a pineapple romper in Porto Cervo.
Photo: Splash News/Courtesy of ASOS/Cute Push/Melody Eshani

Ever since we spotted Rihanna sporting a pineapple-printed romper while on vacay in Porto Cervo earlier this week, we can't stop thinking about it. I mean, we're always thinking about food 24/7, but the fact that she combined a summery onesie with one of our favorite fruits is kind of the best thing we've ever seen. When we went on a crazeballs internet hunt for this exact ensemble, and it turns out this Topshop number is completely sold out. :( Sadface times a million, right? Well, not quite! As it turns out, there's a boatload of pineapple-themed clothing and accessories out there that are JUST as cute (if not cuter!) that you can snatch up this very instant. First up, ASOS carries pretty pineapple pendant for just under $10. We repeat, IT'S UNDER 10 DOLLARS. It's a girly and subdued way to sport the fruity trend, and we love it uh-LOT. If you want pineapple jewelry with a little more kick, we like Melody Ehsani's bold mirrored acrylic earrings ($48) that are sure to make a statement. YUM.

If you want to go all-out kooky, opt for the oversized pineapple sunglasses from ASOS ($20). These bad boys are basicaalllyyy the coolest sunglasses you'll ever own. Just sayin'. Cute Plush makes an adorable (obviously) pineapple face ring for just $5 that we love, and Soludos carries some pineapple-printed espadrilles ($50) that'll totally amp up your shoe game. To get something closer to Rihanna's look, we like Motel's high-waisted hot pants (currently on sale for $24!) to add a touch of fun to any ensemble. But what do you think—will you be snatching up any pineapple-themed wardrobe pieces this summer? Tell us in the comments!

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