Foxes Talks Heels, Hats, And Her Obsession With American Magazines In Interview

Louisa Rose Allen, AKA Foxes.
Photo: Courtesy of Foxes

Foxes might not be a household name in America quite yet, but this 22-year-old London musician is already making a major splash overseas with her soulful brand of sweeping anthemic pop. Laced with futuristic-sounding beats, lush melodies, and a soaring sing-along chorus, her latest single "White Coats" has already cemented its place on our summer soundtrack--and deserves a slot on yours, too. The song's accompanying video is equally as gorgeous, with Foxes (whose real name is Louisa Rose Allen) dropping off emotional baggage in London, all the while decked out in a vintage floral jumpsuit. While on the road promoting her new Warrior EP, the singer filled us in on her mishmash style, hat collection, and why she'll never perform in heels.

MTV STYLE: How would you describe your style?

FOXES: Usually I’ll just get up and totally mix-match my outfits, so I look a bit like I’m blind in the mornings [laughing]. I grew up in that sort of carefree environment, and you can see it in my style. I love pretty dresses, but with a bit of rock edge. I love pairing a vintage dress with boots or Converse, just because it's so easy to get up and wear it.

Where do you draw most of your fashion inspiration from?

I don’t really look to other musicians. My mum owns a vintage store in London, and she's always been super stylish- so hopefully she has given me that gene! I grab like, loads of stuff from her shop and hope that her fashion sense rubs off.

Anyone else whose wardrobe you love?

I almost hate to tell this because it’s been my secret forever, but I loveee Gillian Zinser! I don't want anyone to know that I copy her style, but she's probably one of my biggest inspirations right now. I read loads of American magazines- love them- and also look online at websites like Nasty Gal. I like to pretend I’m in California even when I'm not, so people always look at me like I'm crazy [laughing].

What's one item of clothing you always wear?

I live in hats. That’s what I use to keep warm in London. I have probably 10 hats in my bedroom at home…that’s a lot, isn't it? I have a lot of silly ones that my mum gives me, which I take back but never have worn yet. I keep them hoping I'll have an occasion to wear them one day…

What are some onstage fashion tips you’ve discovered while on tour?

Well, I can’t perform in heels- I'm so awkward, and I just can't. I usually go barefoot, actually. I think it’s so fun to just run around onstage.

Having grown up shopping vintage, what are some of your main thrifting strategies?

You’ve got to find great charity shops. You need to go outside the city, because in London you can’t find anything- everyone goes to the same shops and the prices are all marked up. I go to a place that’s my little secret in England and nobody knows anything about fashion. I literally found a Chanel bag on sale for a tenner (£10)... I’m NOT even joking!

Watch "White Coats" below, and listen to more Foxes here.

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