Lady Gaga Releases New Film Clip For 'Fame' Perfume

Apparently Gaga's perfume is made by shirtless models.
Photo: Haus Laboratories

With so much intrigue and mystery swirling around the debut of Lady Gaga's new perfume, Fame, we're just about to lose our heads over what's going to be revealed next. The latest in the media swoon-storm is an atmospheric video that slowly crept up on the internet yesterday. The black and white clip, titled Formulation, is entirely in french, with a man's voice narrating the activities of the Haus Laboratories workers. Unlike any lab we've ever imagined, the smokey, dark production area is staffed by a ripped and glistening crew of shirtless gentlemen. Yeowza. Not that we would expect anything else of Mama Monster--this is all perfectly on point with the way Gaga does, well, everything. We cannot wait to see how the black perfume actually looks (and smells, obviously), and the images of the ingredients, "pulverized apricot, crushed heart of tiger orchidea and tears of belladonna," provided by this latest peek are totally tantalizing.

The packaging for Fame.
Photo: Lady Gaga's Facebook

The first advertising image for the fragrance was revealed just this week, as well, and the Steven Klein shot, nude image really upped the ante as far as the trajectory of Gaga's campaign. Sprawled nude, with tiny men crawling all over her body? What will Gaga think of next? Watch the new video below.

What do you think of the new video for Lady Gaga's perfume, Fame?

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