Beyonce Reveals Sultry Midnight Heat Perfume Campaign

Beyonce Midnight Heat

Beyonce's Midnight Heat perfume campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Beyonce Parfums

It looks like our girl Beyonce is following in the (very, very successful) footsteps of fellow siren-turned-fragrance-tycoon Jennifer Lopez, rolling out yet another version of her premier fragrance Heat. I mean, J.Lo turned perfume-making into an über-lucrative 10-year career, and who doesn't want that? Bey's latest iteration, Midnight Heat offers a fruitier, spicier scent than the OG Heat's floral musk, and the brand new campaign photo appropriately sets the mood for the midnight perfume.

Queen Bey matches the purple bottle in a royal mini dress with an asymmetrical, one-shoulder neckline and structured darting along the skirt. Mrs. Carter-Knowles (as we like to refer to her in our epochs of fan fiction) stands against a cityscape backdrop with her hair in soft, wind-blown waves. Her beauty game is very eye-centric with deep violets and a touch of iridescence, playing up the mysterious notes of her new scent. Where Pulse and its summer counterpart cover the daytime perfume market. The Heat collection, especially Midnight Heat, was developed with conquering the night in mind. Interpret that however you like whether it's wilding out, dancing, or (our personal favorite) recreating Beyonce's music videos and uploading them to YouTube.

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