Would You Use A HoodiePillow?

Hoodie Pillow

This is why you need a HoodiePillow pillowcase.
Photo: Courtesy of HoodiePillow

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I really love wearing a hood but am frankly just too hot to stand a sweatshirt right now. Also, I need a pillow. How do I reconcile this?" If the answer is yes, the good people at HoodiePillow want you to know that you're not alone and that they've developed a solution for you and your brethren. Enter the HoodiePillow brand pillowcase. That's right, folks. Nipping at the heels of the Snuggie (and its cousin, the Slanket), this is everything you ever wanted. [Insert the Grand Prospect Hall commercial here - "WE MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!"] Finally, guys!! A pillowcase that allows you to wear a hood without all the pesky extra clothing! *dusts hands off* Welcome to the future, y'all. We're living in it.

Jokes aside, this does shed light on a trend that, apparently, has legs: the convergence of clothing and homegoods. First, blankets were given necklines, and the world was given ponchos. Then, blankets got sleeves, and we were all introduced to the Snuggie (along with many other iterations of the same idea). But blankets as clothing? That's easy, guys. Any Joe Schmoe can swaddle himself in a blanket in his sleep. In fact, many do! (*ba dum TSH*) Integrating something as spatially menacing as PILLOWS into your wardrobe, however, is a significantly different beast. And yet, that's what the HoodiePillow and all responsible for it are accomplishing (or are aiming for, at least). Pardon us while we initiate a slow clap.

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