Justin Bieber Recycles 'Rolling Stone' Cover Outfit

Justin Bieber's 2012 cover of "Rolling Stone."
Photo: Mark Seliger/Rolling Stone

Since Justin Bieber's latest Rolling Stone cover hit the interweb via Twitter, the inevitable comparisons have been FLYING. Much like the public's knee-jerk reaction to Bieber's "Boyfriend" music video, the cover snap and all it represents (you know, Bieber's "Hot, Ready, Legal" coming of age *wipes drool from corners of mouth*) has been juxtaposed with boy-to-man crossover success Justin Timberlake and his first solo Rolling Stone cover from 2002.

Gawker pointed out that the mag recycled Bieber's bold cover lines from Lindsay Lohan's 2004 Mean Girls era cover, and it's been brought up more than a few times around this office that the outfit Justin's sporting is pretty similar to the one Jennifer Lawrence wore for her Rolling Stone cover girl debut earlier this year. There's another crucial comparsion, though, that is outright BEGGING to be made: the one where we pit this 2012 cover outfit against the look he wore for his very first Rolling Stone cover just last year.

Justin Bieber's 2011 cover of "Rolling Stone."
Photo: Terry Richardson/Rolling Stone

Look familiar to you? Us, too. Sure, the photographers are different, he's gotten a haircut, and it was shot on location rather than in Terry's studio. Also, Justin has grown a lot (physically and otherwise) over the past year, but like... *scratches dome, tilts head* why not sartorially diverge from the OG cover a liiiittle bit more than just taking off the jacket and tucking the chain into the tank? Is that really the best visual representation of how far pop music's golden boy has come since "Baby" and My World?

We KNOW The Biebs isn't above repeating outfits, and we're totally cool with that because the outfits he's repeating are leather-paneled varsity jackets with metallic Supra sneakers and a coordinating bandana flagging his back pocket. They're interesting and signature and do work to earn that second go-around. That's not to say we have a vendetta against the simple steez of a minimalist aesthetic. We LUHHH that. But you and I both know we're not talking about an immaculate crewneck sweater here.

Boy has worn a ribbed tank UNDERSHIRT on the cover of this magazine two years in a row! Of aaaaaaall the articles of clothing in the WORLD, his cover outfit repeat is underwear. *pauses to catch breath from soapbox diatribe* Maybe that's the point, though. He's JUSTIN BIEBER, y'all! He can wear whatever he wants and (a) still look fly, (b) exude "swaggy adult" regardless of his wardrobe, and (c) send a bajillion trillion copies flying off the shelves as we predict this #GUNSHOW cover is poised to do.


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