Justin Bieber Channels Johnny Bravo At Sydney Concert

Justin Bieber Johnny Bravo

Justin Bieber at his exclusive acoustic concert on July 17 in Sydney, Australia.
Photo: Getty Images/Cartoon Network

Call us crazy, but Justin Bieber's hair has been looking particularly cartoon-y lately. I mean, it's not Jared Leto Dragon Ball Z kinds of cray, but it's just SO gosh darn perfect it could appear in the Saturday morning cartoon programming no questions asked. See: The Biebs today in Sydney (er, yesterday? Australia time confuses us. #aussiesarealwaysinthefuture) at an exclusive acoustic performance sporting an absolutely perfect 'do. Not only did his coif look too good to be true (seriously, not even ONE hair out of place? How is it curved yet straight at the same time? Ridic!), but his entire ensemble sort of reminded of something... like an ACTUAL cartoon that already existed. Hmmm, tight black rolled-up tee, super dark shades, sky-high blonde 'do? Who could this be?

Johnny Bravo! Well, duhhh, the image above kind of gave everything away, but still, how DEAD on is his ensemble to ol' Johnny's? In case y'all are unfamiliar with Johnny Bravo (*prays it isn't so*), it was a show that aired on the Cartoon Network in the late '90s through early 2000s starring the ever-so-cocky bodybuilder Johnny and his manly adventures. Now, we're not saying Justin acts like Johnny, but their resemblance here is too good to not mention. Between the two looks though, we have to say that we're definitely into Justin's get-up a little more. We love a little gold and a popped collar, but what do you think? Did Justin channel Johnny at his Sydney concert or was he just being his typically smooth and stylish self? Let us know in the comments!

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