Lady Gaga Reveals Nude Fame Perfume Campaign Photo

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is nude and covered with little men for her Fame perfume campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Klein

Welp, Lady Gaga's first campaign image for her forthcoming Fame perfume just dropped, and HA-CHA-CHAAAA *rolls tongue back into mouth like a carpet runner*, is this thing a DOOZY. In the black-and-white snap photographed by Steven Klein, Mother Monster appears next-to-nude, sprinkled with strategically placed itsy, bitsy men all over her bare physique. Gaga wears little more than a shiny black face mask (we're not sure the mini-dudes count as vestments per se), holding the bottle of Fame, "The First Ever Black Eau De Parfum," in her left hand. It's kiiiiind of like Gulliver's Travels meets 50 Shades of Grey but plus that classic Gaga dose of LOUCHE.

Yea yea yea, it's shocking because Lady Gaga is totally nudie pants and the only things covering her ladybits are teeny weeny menfolk, but did you honestly expect anything less than jaw-dropping from the woman responsible for The Meat Dress? What we're wondering is why Gaga is jumping on the nakie train with so many other perfume campaigns. There was Natalie Portman's topless shot for Miss Dior Chérie. Then, of course, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley went all flasher-chic with her Burberry Body campaign which had her naked under a trenchcoat.

Now, Gaga breathes new meaning into the word "man-kini" with this brazen Fame campaign, but could she be hinting at something else? Could, perhaps, the moral of this image be that this black perfume can only be applied when naked? So that the color can change when it hits your skin?? *ACHEM* Mother Monster, we have questions! Bequeath us your answers, please!

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