The Most Killer Big Bang-Inspired Nail Art

Photo: Via Ameblo

If y’all don’t know who boy band Big Bang is, you either A.) aren’t on the internet NEARLY enough or B.) haven’t discovered the amazingess that is K-pop. I mean, honestly, it’s kind of impossible to avoid the K-pop invasion at this point—2NE1 is about to take over the U.S. with their first world tour and Big Bang has slowly won over our hearts with their affinity for Minx Nails (awww!) and killer fashion sense. The boys, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri, are notorious for their edgy style and flair for all-things fashion-y and fun, so when it comes to imitating them via nail art, it’s not much different. First up, we loved this unbelievable set inspired by their Alive Monster Edition CD cover art and current world tour of the same name. Even the triangle logo is dead on. ME-OOOOWWWW.

Photo: Via Chibinails

Two of Big Bang’s band members, G-Dragon and T.O.P, released their own song “High High” with a dance-y, in-your-face music video alongside it. This mani reflects all the flashy fun from the twosome’s album and single, including a killer recreation of the black and gold cover AND their over-the-top accessories. I meannnn, we don’t know if we’re more jealous of this nail art or their outfits.

This Big Bang homage goes wayyyy back to ’08 for their hit “Sunset Glow (Let’s Go West)” in which they get chased by girls while wearing super bright outfits with layers upon layers of zany prints. This nail artist recreated their ensembles on her tips (and even the school bus!) in an equally fun and cute manicure that we just ADORE. *slow clap*

Photo: Via Wabbit Bunny

If you’re looking for a more straight-up Big Bang-inspired nail art set, look no further. This mani recreates all of their cute faces—hairstyles and all—on each fingertip. Luckily there’s five boys in the band making it PERFECT for a manicure. Did they plan this well or what?

Photo: Via Chibinails

G-Dragon released the song “Breathe” away from the Big Bang gang, but the music video is still filled with so much fashion-y goodness we can barely handle it. His bright smiley gloves and oversized Chanel logo chain necklace are transformed into perfectly-executed nail art, and we love that! Seriously, we have no complaints here, other than we want to know where to find those smiley gloves STAT.

Photo: Via Omonails

Bonus: Big Bang toe nail art! Because, um, well just look at it. AMAZEBALLS. We’ll just… let you stare at this for awhile. *tip toes away slowly*

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