Kanye West Nickname Generator Gives Fashionable Monikers

Kanye West

Kanye West at the Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week Menswear A/W 2009 show.
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You may remember that back in 2009, Kanye West uploaded a self-deprecating video of himself to his blog (R.I.P. KanyeUniverseCity) decreeing his new name: "Martin Louis The King, Jr." It was an attempt to make light of the fact that he and his (then) newest sneaker collaboration boasted the same name - the Louis Vuitton Don. And to comment on the waves he made sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week January that same year wearing the head-turning, cherry red kicks. Welp, now, more than THREE YEARS after that video and Kanye's ceremonious self-renaming, Jeremy Watt has developed the Kanye Nickname Generator which doles out über-fashionable monickers much like Yeezy's for all who dare to take part. Also, it desecrates any and all chances for productivity in your day. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Kanye West, Nickname Generator

Screenshot of the Kanye Nickname Generator.
Photo: Courtesy of Kanye Nickname Generator

We spent a good part of our afternoon yesterday running through every iteration of the names on the MTV Style roster. Many of the names were derived from luxury fashion brands, but a fair amount featured legendary artists and historical figures. When we had exhausted the options from our direct team, we decided to branch out to all those near and dear to Yeezy and the fashion community. The results are hilarious, interesting, and 100% entertaining. Enjoy!

Kim Kardashian - "Mary Kate Sr."

Jay-Z - "Aristotle Michelangelo"

Beyonce - "Rainer Tisci"

Blue Ivy Carter - "Riccardo Genius"

Anna Wintour - "Lanvin Luther King"

Karl Lagerfeld - "King Corniche"

Carine Roitfeld - "Prince Michelangelo"

Anna Dello Russo - "Coretta Corniche"

Jean Paul Gaultier - "Jean Paul Iver"

Raf Simons - "Jean Paul the Second"

Marc Jacobs - "Yeezy Iver"

Alexander Wang - "Mercy Da Vinci"

Prabal Gurung - "Maison Givenchy"

Jeremy Scott - "Mercy Ashley Olsen"

Christian Louboutin - "Warhol Mercy"

Giuseppe Zanotti - "Dries Luther King"

Mary-Kate Olsen - "Ye Mille"

Ashley Olsen - "Plato Throne"

Kate Moss - "Socrates the Third"

Naomi Campbell - "Hermes To The"

Karlie Kloss - "Socrates Iver"

Joan Smalls - "Otis Saint Laurent"

And just in case Donald Glover (who found his Childish Gambino rap monicker via a Wu-Tang Clan name generator) wants to follow Kanye and cross over into fashion using the same naming principle, I'd go ahead and trademark "Dr. Muller" now.

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