Iconic Lady Gaga Outfits Get Comic Book Treatment In 'Going Gaga!'

Lady Gaga, Going Gaga!

Iconic Lady Gaga outfits are reimagined for "Going Gaga!" comic book.
Photo: GettyImages/Courtesy of Prism Comics

San Diego's International Comic-Con may be over for the year, but our cup runeth over with findings from the animated weekend. Between the amazing cosplayers and K.Stew off-duty outfits, we've unearthed (by way of Mother Monster's Twitter account) this seriously awesome Lady Gaga comic book which we vehemently refuse to shut up about! Michael Troy and his Going Gaga! are not the first to render Miss Germanotta in ink (see: Fame: Lady Gaga parts 1 AND 2), but it does a FANTASTIC job of reimagining some of our favorite music video and performance outfits from Gaga's sartorial colorful career thus far. *INSTA-smile attack*

Troy appropriately chooses Gaga's star-spangled "Telephone" outfit for cover's center look, undoubtedly for its hints at beloved Marvel Comics Avenger Captain America, but doesn't stop there. He flanks patriotic Gaga with images of skeleton-face "Born This Way" Gaga, leathered and masked Mother Monster, and the infamous hair-bowed get-up from her early "Just Dance" days. At just $2.99, the 20-page book is a STEAL, but be careful and act quickly if you have your heart set on a copy *cough we're looking at you, Gaga*. It looks like Prism Comics will sell out soon!

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