These Are Some Of Charli XCX's Favorite Things

Charli XCX is the perfect combination of goth beauty and pop princess.
Photo: Courtesy Charli XCX

Once upon a time, a budding 19-year-old Brit pop starlet with a thing for killer platform sneaks and rave-y, lush pop gems emerged, citing style influences like the Spice Girls and Wednesday Addams. *DEAD* Her name is Charli XCX, and she made me believe in pop fairytales again, by transporting me to the immaculate years aka 95-97, at a time when tattoo chokers and fluffy doodle pens were still waaay in (and pre-Ginger Spice's devastating exit). Thanks for that, girl. Let's just avoid discussing her Refinery29 shoot which involves a purple velvet dress paired with shredded tights a la Angela Chase, because tears will def happen. #SOGOOD. But you'd never guess Charli was a grunge-y kind of girl when peeping her Carine Roitfeld-styled V Magazine cover, in which she and her fellow cuties, Grimes and Sky Ferreira, WERK it in matching Givenchy, blood red pouts and Robert Palmer-tinged slicked back buns, all the while clutching *SPINE SHIVERS!* mice. Her latest video for "You're The One" is all sorts of heart-exploding-into-rainbow-fireworks kinds of amazing, and, duh, so are her favorite fashion-y things which resulted in major closet envy/fake-tattoo-purchasing-at-local-suburban-Claire's. In short, *Runs to Patricia Field, buys entire stock of skeleton glasses*

Charli in her Pat Field sunnies.
Photo: Courtesy of Charli XCX

Statement Piece: My hologram Skull sunglasses. They are just sooo awesome! I got them from Patricia Field's store in New York. They're my favorite.

Paging sporty spice.
Photo: Courtesy Charli XCX

eBay purchase: Definitely my white Buffalos. I am really inspired by the Spice Girls' fashion, so I absolutely love platforms! I wore some super super super tall ones in my latest video. They are sooo easy to go crazy and dance and freak out in. I wear them on stage all the time.

Charli gets mystical.
Photo: Courtesy Charli XCX

Tattoo: Ha, well...I got a fake tattoo if that counts?! My friend bought me a pack of unicorn tattoos for my birthday as they're my favorite animal. I was wearing them whilst I was on tour with Sleigh Bells... which was actually quite hilarious as they are covered in awesome REAL tattoos... and I was there every night in the dressing room putting on my fake ones!! I'm a tattoo rookie!!

Karaoke Song: God, there's so many to choose from... my ultimate one is "Kiss" by Prince, but I also love doing some Shampoo or at a more serious-at-the-end-of-the-night kind of moment I'll do "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinéad O'Connor. That song is one of my favorites of ALL TIME.

Charli's gem heart nails.
Photo: Courtesy of Charli XCX

Nail Polish: I love all kinds of nail polish. I'll wear neon yellow and a lot of purple, but at the moment my favorite is just black. I like adding gems and stuff too... I love these heart gems sooo much!

Lipstick: Definitely gotta be my MAC Plum lipstick. Keeping it dark all night long.

Album Cover Art: Either Kate Bush's The Sensual World or Bjork's debut. Just because I think they are both beautiful and innocent and playful and gorgeous and I feel like when you see that album artwork everything just makes sense. Those are two of my favorite records of all time

Moisturizer: Cocoa butter by Body Shop! Mmmmm!!

Shoes: My black grunge boots that my dad bought me from Camden Market (a massive goth market in London) when I was about 14. Luckily they were pretty big so I can still wear them now. They are super great and give me loads of extra height too.

Current Obsession: Mexican Day Of The Dead style ornaments. I love the colors and I love the skull imagery. I have just moved into a new house so I'm doing the whole kitchen in that style. It's gonna be sick!

Concert T-Shirt: Probably my Sex Pistols t-shirt. I went to see them in London when they got back together and it was awesome. They have the best logo in the world.

Fashion Era: The 90s by FAR! You get the best of both worlds... grunge AND cheese pop! Both of those styles were awesome! My style icons are the Spice Girls mixed with Wednesday Addams.... So the 90s was the perfect era for me to be born into!

Charli's morning-after cure.
Photo: Courtesy of Charli XCX

Hang-over Cure: Coca-Cola!!!

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