The Coveteur Shows You How To Get Many Of Cher Horowitz's Looks From 'Clueless'

Cher Horowitz is one girl whose closet we would LOVE to raid.
Photo: Movieweb

Picture yourself on a Saturday night. You're in your bedroom, hair freshly washed, bathrobe on, staring into the dark, dark abyss that is your closet. You start to slowly go through the items and all of a sudden you're sucked straight into a vortex! You come to moments later and your hair is a mess, your towel is askew and your bedroom is COVERED in every item of clothing you've ever so much as looked at. What would save me from this mess, you wonder, and then you remember that scene in Clueless when Cher is trying to get dressed in the morning and she uses a "Dress Me" program to pick out her outfit for her. It could be so easy! The wonderful professional closet-snoopers at The Coveteur feel our pain, and although they don't have a "Dress Me" program for us, they DO have about a zillion way to get some of Cher's most memorable looks.

From the red party dress she wore to the val party, to her tennis clothes, The Coveteur went deep into Cher's closet for this one. With get the look advice from retailers ranging from T by Alexander Wang to ASOS, the site has done the legwork, so all you have to do is click buy (dangerous). While we're a little bummed they didn't give us a killer source for pens with fluffy pink feathers attached, we're ready to bust out our daisy chain chokers and get Clueless!

Whats your favorite look from Clueless?

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