Could Supra's New Women's Skytops Be Capitalizing On Bieber-Mania?

Supra Women's Skytop

Supra releases new women's collection with Bieber-esque Skytop designs.
Photo: Courtesy of Supra Footwear

We're not saying that Justin Bieber invented the Supra Skytop. Nor are we saying that A-Morir designer Kerin Rose had any baby-faced pop superstars in mind when concocting these sparkly collaboration kicks. We’re merely postulating - nay, hypothesizing - about whether Bieber’s newest album and well-documented love of the Skytop had anything to do with the timing and/or the color scheme of certain styles.

We’re pretty sure (like 99.9%) The Biebz doesn’t own any patents on color combinations, but is it just us, or is there not an unshakable My World 2.0-ness about that grey and purple pair with the leopard print?? We're also guessing that Justin was the furthest thing from Kerin Rose's mind when cooking up her collaboration design for Supra's debut women's collection. (I mean, why?) HOWEVER *raises index finger in objection*, when you think of the grey being inspired by Bieber circa "Baby," it's hard not to see the black and white as channelling his Believe era. Also, a brewing business conspiracy theory like this is hard to ignore when the collection has been out nary a few days and already self-proclaimed Beliebers (see: Crazy4biebboy) are hitting up the comments section of the product page. What do you think? Was Supra inspired by Bieber for the new women’s collection?

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