The Jumbo Hair Clip Makes Its Fashion Week Debut

Universitaet der Kuenste

The jumbo hair clip resurfaces at the Universitaet der Kuenste Berlin Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Shopbop

Remember when we were all, "OMG, would you wear this JUMBO HAIR CLIP??" We told you about how these neon reimaginings of the childhood hair stand-by were the brainchild of Adia Kibur, and in our humble collective opinion, one part weird, three parts wonderful. Sure, they were oddball and even a bit gaudy, but there was a sweet nostalgia about these envelope-pushing hair accessories we really appreciated. Welp, looks like the snap clip silhouette has since found its way onto the international Fashion Week runways (specifically Berlin's) and is even bigger than before!

Don't rub your eyes, folks. You are, in fact, seeing a gigantic scarlet snap barrette grace the dome of one of Universitaet der Kuenste's runway models! If we were on the fence about the Adia Kibur joints, well, we're not quite sure what we would call the position we currently occupy on this here hair (head?) accessory. Since the, erm, device doesn't appear to actually clasp onto the model's hair, we're dubbing this doo-hickey a "fascinator" rather than a "clip." Nomenclature aside, the question still remainds: would you wear this thang? Let us know your thoughts!

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