A$AP Rocky Features WAH Nails In Latest Music Video Shoot, Shows Continued Love For Nail Art

A$AP Rocky Nail Art

Nail art for A$AP Rocky's latest video.
Photo: Via @WAHNails' Instagram

Listen, we know A$AP Rocky has a thing for nail art. In case you haven't noticed, the fashion-forward rapper (who is BFFs with Alexander Wang, NBD) is always taking pics of ladies' nails just for fun. I KNOW. It's so gosh darn cute it makes us die a little inside (could you even IMAGINE A$AP coming up to you and asking to a pic of your tips? #dead), and we're just so happy that the rapper calls out killer name game when he sees it. Lately, though, he's been taking his love affair with nails to the next level by teaming up with the girls over at WAH Nails in London for his latest music video shoot (!!!). WAH Nails Instagrammed this one behind-the-scenes photo (and one photo ONLY!) of the customized nails, which read "A$AP $EX" in bold black and white letters. HOT.

We were tipped (heh) off that A$AP and WAH Nails were up to something when we peeped a casting call flyer that said "Girls wanted for A$AP Rocky video" with the founder of WAH Nails, Ms. Sharmadean Reid, listed as the contact at the bottom! But there's one minor, OK GIANT, caveat to this entire music video shoot—the flyer says it will feature "artistic nudity," which is veryyyy interesting. Does this mean the nail art will be the only star of the show since, um, there won't be any clothes? We're dyyinggg to know more about this video, but right now all we have are these killer nails to stare at, and buttloads of questions. Siigghhh! We're still excited nonetheless, but what do you think A$AP Rocky's video will be like? Tell us in the comments below!

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