What's Up With Justin Bieber's 'Goonies' Outfit?

Justin Bieber, The Goonies

Justin Bieber arriving in Japan and the movie poster for "The Goonies."
Photo: Getty Images/Warner Bros.

Justin Bieber was barely an afterthought when The Goonies hit theaters in 1985 (to be fair, so was I), but that's clearly not stopping him from offering up a sartorial homage to the cult classic film. Okay, so we don't actually know if the EXTREME likeness Bieber's latest outfit bears to Brand's illustrated ensemble on the OG Goonies poster was a pointed, let alone conscious, decision, but we also don't know that it wasn't! *twiddles fingers maniacally* Granted, Justin has the right to wear a bandana tied around his head without getting a bajillion trillion questions about it, but stirring the pot is way more fun than an appreciative (read: zzzzzzz) head nod.

Plenty of dudes outside of the young Josh Brolin have worn dome-'danas (Tupac Shakur, Ralph Macchio, and BOTH Coreys Feldman and Haim!), but there's just something about the popped denim collar, the haphazardly laced Chucks, the zippered, knit-looking harem pants, and that bright red backpack that just screams GOONIES to us. The IDK... Rough-and-tumble school-age feeling of it all. It's very "I just want to do hoodrat stuff with my friends," no? Also, we just want to continue imagining The Biebz embarking on an underground adventure with a cherry red MCM knapsack. #LOUCHE What do you think? Is Justin Bieber's outfit inspired by The Goonies? Also, do you like it? DISCUSS!

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