Azealia Banks Is A Rising Style Star

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is our MTV PUSH Artist of the Week and a rising style star.
Photo: Brooke Nipar

Chances are pretty good that you already know who Azealia Banks is, especially if you hang around these parts of the Interwebz. (WE. LUH. HER.) We've been applauding the up-and-coming Harlem rapper since we first laid eyes on that knubby Mickey Mouse sweater and that adorable s***-eating grin in her "212" video late last year, and have touted her as an "It" girl to watch ever since. At break-neck speed, she's already been featured in more than a few magazine spreads, hit up Fashion Week front rows, and even performed at THE Karl Lagerfeld's house! With all that under her belt, it's hard to believe the girl only JUST released her first EP (yep, not even a full-length album yet) last month.

Azealia may be an industry rookie, but she definitely has the lyrical chops and chameleon-like staying power to keep her around for a while. She's a game-changer who demands to be talked about which is exactly why she's our friends at Buzzworthy's PUSH Artist of the Week. On the STYLE side of things, she's a fashion shape-shifter, one who has adapted her personal steez by leaps and bounds in just the few months we've been following her - which can only bode well for the girl's fashionable future. For that, we feel Azealia and her metamorphosing style are owed a more in-depth look. Check it out in our style evolution of Azealia Banks thus far!


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