You Can Buy This Air Yeezy 2 T-Shirt For $90,300

The Wil Fry limited Yeezy 2 T-shirt.
Photo: Via eBay

Just when we thought the hype surrounding Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers was beginning to dwindle, graphic designer Wil Fry brought the term “limited edition” to a WHOLE new level. He released a graphic tee (and we mean that literally—he produced one T-shirt and one T-shirt only) with the sought-after shoes printed across the front and back, which costs—get this—$90,300. YOWCH. Steep price for some Yeezy 2 paraphernalia, eh? Well, not exactly! This is the same price a pair of actual Yeezy 2s closed for on eBay back in June, which makes us think there’s a much LARGER artistic statement trying to be made here. *COUGH*The amount of money people are willing to drop on limited-edition anything*COUGH*

The Wil Fry limited Yeezy 2 T-shirt close up.
Photo: Via eBay

The tee, which is covered in the Wolf Grey/Pure Platinum colorway Yeezy 2s, is available to purchase on eBay, but only comes in a size large since, um, there’s only one. (You can’t be TOO picky here, people.) The dye is printed on a 100% polyester American Apparel sublimation T-shirt (which you can buy online for a whopping $9.25. Yipes.), and there IS an option to “Make an Offer” for the tee, but as of press time, ten offers have been made and all have been rejected. FYI: This isn’t Wil Fry’s first time around the witty T-shirt block—he’s the same person who took the Marc Jacobs x Kidult fight to crazy new levels of awesome back in May. Yep, that dude. There’s just onnnee part about this whole thing that we can’t get behind, though—the shipping is NOT free, so this tee actually costs $90,310, y’all. (Really, Wil? REALLY?) But tell us, would you ever pay this much for a one-of-a-kind T-shirt? Let us know in the comments below!

{via Complex}

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