Can You Match Your Skin Tone To Pantone's Color Spectrum?


A glimpse at the Angelica Dass 'HUMANAE' project.
Photo: Courtesy of Angelica Dass

Trend forecasting company Pantone has established itself as THE source to tell the world which colors we'll be wearing next season based off fashion designers, their runway shows, and data gathered from around the world. They've already teamed up with Sephora to inject some "Tangerine Tango" (the official 2012 hue of the year) into our beauty drawers, but for the style predictor's latest project, they're swapping out lipstick for... contemporary art? For her new exhibit "HUMANAE," Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass uses Pantone's signature color swatches to match up her subjects' skin tones. She then dyes the background of each person's portrait with this new, Pantone-approved skincolor in order to show just how identical the two really are. By extracting the shades with a scientific process and using the same system of labeling (we're talking serious detail here), Dass hopes to eventually identify every single skin tone in the world. Whoa.

The concept is already amazing in an artistic sense, but guess what- it's also a total beauty game changer. Just think about it...instead of having to use trial and error to find that perfect foundation or concealer (which rarely ends well), our makeup shopping sprees will become literally foolproof with this new process of categorization. Until that actually happens, though, check out Angelica Dass' project here for a creative new way to put your best face forward.

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