Flower Crowns: Not Just For Ladies Anymore

Marcel Ostertag, Vivienne Westwood, Men's Flower Crowns

Marcel Ostertag and a Vivienne Westwood model wear men's flower crowns.
Photo: Getty Images

Well well well, stylish people of the world. If you're not into them yet, you better start cozying up to flower crowns as a bonafide accessory before you get left in the dust. It looks as though the floral accessories trend seemingly pioneered by Lana Del Rey, the adopted staple of Coachella and Taylor Swift tea parties alike is not only growing in prevalence, it's picking up steam. Snowballing even! The blossoming headbands have been popular with the ladies for at least a few months now, but it's these latest Fashion Week offerings from Marcel Ostertag and Vivienne Westwood in Germany and Milan respectively that are making a case for dudes to sport them, too.

It's a bit of a sartorial curveball, for sure. It's not uncommon to assume the delicate frivolity of ~fLoWeR cRoWnS~ is comprised of the same estrogen-soaked adolescence that makes little girls scrawl "Mrs. Timberlake" in cursive on notebook bindings and make origami fortune tellers so they can have "proof" they actually will one day marry Justin Timberlake (apparently, this only ever worked for Jessica Biel). But looking at these things draping the domes of designer Marcel Ostertag and this male model, we're beginning to unravel that preconception.

There's something strangely satisfying about seeing the soft petals of flowers juxtaposed against the chiseled bone structure both of these dudes are offering up (extra special note to this model's strong chin - YOWZA *fans self with hand*). Something vaguely Greek god about it all. THUS, we say to you, fashion dudes, fear not the flower crown. It actually looks pretty good on you!

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