Jumpsuits, Veils, And More Trend On Paris Haute Couture Runways

Often when we think of Paris Haute Couture (you know, as we do), we imagine the world's best designers going buck wild, cobbling together teetering two-story-high platform heels, dreaming up dresses that look more like architectural masterpieces than cocktail party wear, and concocting hairstyles that seem to defy all laws of physics and gravity. The designs that traipse down the runways during this biannual City of Lights affair are often too fairy-tale fantastic for us to ever envision pulling off IRL. However, that doesn't mean there aren't real trends buried in the bells and whistles and Hot Wheels racetrack harnesses of Paris Haute Couture Week, though. Walk with us as we unpack some of the week's most relevant trends!


Zuhair Murad, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jantaminiau, Valentino

Jumpsuits at Zuhair Murad, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jantaminiau, and Valentino.
Photo: Getty Images

Nearly every designer at Haute Couture Week had a version of the jumpsuit, and most were printed, embellished, or constructed from metallic jacquard. Many of the long-pants onesies were also long-sleeved, like these looks from Zuhair Murad, Jantaminiau, and Valentino. But, a few, like this number by Jean Paul Gaultier, modelled by Karli Kloss, were strapless with a jacket worn over top.


Yanina, Yiqing Yin, Giorgio Armani Prive, Basil Soda

Veils at Yanina, Yiqing Yin, Giorgio Armani Prive, and Basil Soda.
Photo: Getty Images

We're not sure if we're quite ready to start sporting veils outside of a matrimonial ceremony (also, probably not even ready for that yet...) but there's no denying the chiffon head accessories were EV-ERY-WHERE this Paris Haute Couture Week. From the red versions seen at Yanina to more traditionally bridal styles like these white ones by Yiqing Yin and Basil Soda to even gem-encrusted versions like those shown at Giorgio Armani Prive, we're starting to wonder whether we should start thinking twice about the mysterious headgear.


Alexis Mabille, Iris Van Herpen, Julien Fournie, Christophe Josse

Ponytails at Alexis Mabille, Iris Van Herpen, Julien Fournie, and Christophe Josse.
Photo: Getty Images

On the beauty front, ponytails are still a tonsorial heavyweight, but for Haute Couture Week, they get an updated spin. Pretty ponies are rendered sleek and straight, then taken to another level. Alexis Mabille reimagines them in Seuss-like fashion, twisting and turning above the head with a bauble (or mistletoe come holiday season?) hanging off the end. Iris Van Herpen twists her ponytails, too, but tucks them under parted hair from the front of the crown. Julien Fournie's ponytails feature a twisted base with a sculpted, swooping, almost-cartoonish tail, while Christophe Josse keeps things sleek with a tail that's twisted on itself and a crown held in check by a thick, black headband.


Christian Dior, Giambattista Valli, Georges Hobeika, Ulyana Sergeenko

3D florals at Christian Dior, Giambattista Valli, Georges Hobeika, and Ulyana Sergeenko.
Photo: Getty Images

Though most vegetation undergoes a kind of death phase of the life cycle during the fall and winter months, designers are bucking the conception that florals are strictly for spring, making flowery details bolder and bigger than ever at this Paris Haute Couture Week. Christian Dior covered this A-line top worn over trousers with two-tone floral appliques, while Giambattista Valli held nothing back, drenching this column dress with green and purple fabric flowers. Georges Hobeika took a slightly more dainty approach with teeny embellishments that graduate to higher density toward the neckline and hem. This little Ulyana Sergeenko jumper might be our favorite, though. With its structured bell skirt and puffy flowery surface, it looks almost like a wearable topiary!

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