These Are A Few Of Chelsea Wolfe's Favorite Things

Chelsea Wolfe, pop witch goddess.
Photo: Angel Ceballos

I'm really into this whole "Pop Witch" thing, which probs relates to my Saturday night ritual of partaking in a DIY seance in my witch-stick-smoke-filled bedroom whilst watching the '90s movie magic known as The Craft for the bajillionth time. #FairuzaBalk4Evs We've already got some spooky company in the Pop Witch department (see: Stevie Nicks' iconic shadowy bohemian frocks and Florence Welch's billowing gothic Goddess numbers.) But make (b)room (LOLz) for indie shadow-y siren, Chelsea Wolfe, y'all, whose tunes are often awesomely described as "doom-drenched electric folk." Besides the mind-losing reviews for her most recent LP, Apokalypsis (WHUT!), there's also her UH-MAZING style game-particularly her penchant for a good veil. *Sartorial spirit fingers* So, for this week's Favorite Things, I had a chat with the dark crooner about her killer closet, which includes a seriously spooky horse hair and horn cuff/and which may or may not have resulted in me sliding under my desk. *J'Dead* In other words, don't mind me as I pretend it's 2004 while getting a tramp stamp with my fave Wolfe lyrics ("We could be two straight lines in a crooked world") before, duh, uploading that ish all up on mah MySpace. #EmoChic

Aoi Kotsuhiroi leather, horse hair, and horn bracelet.
Photo: Courtesy of Chelsea Wolfe

Statement Piece: My three favorite things are my Aoi Kotsuhiroi black leather, horse hair & horn bracelet, my white-painted oversize Margiela bag and my 60's thrift store fuzzy sweater. Also, my Fender Jaguar guitar.

Maison Martin Margiela bag.
Photo: Courtesy of Chelsea Wolfe

Shops: I try to shop when I'm on tour because then I can visit stores like Weekday, this great Swedish brand you can't find in the U.S.

Perfume: Scents rule me. I usually wear straight patchouli oil. I also love black coconut from Kuumba Made.

Tattoo: A script tattoo on my ribs by artist Cris Cleen. It's a Sylvia Plath quote from her poem "Widow."

Nail Polish: If I paint my nails, which is rare, I like OPI silver.

Chelsea Wolfe performing live.
Photo: Courtesy of Chelsea Wolfe

Karaoke Song: I've never really done karaoke. I'd probably sing something by Queen, or Lauryn Hill.

Shoes: Lately, these black & white Cheap Monday platforms. Dying for some Margiela Tabi boots.

Fast Food Chain: Jamba Juice.

Hangover Cure: I can't handle hangovers. I think I'm allergic to alcohol.

Concert t-shirt: Sunn O)))

Music Video: Marilyn Manson "The Beautiful People" by Floria Sigismondi.

Album Cover Art: Nick Cave, From Her to Eternity.

Style Era: late 90's runway and current.

Magazine: i-D, Oyster, Dansk, Numéro, Interview, V, Metal.

Lipstick: Wild Rose Lip Balm by Sisters of the Black Moon.

Moisturizer: Lavera or Jurlique.

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