Lady Gaga Channels Peggy Bundy In Animal Print Leotard And Bouffant

Lady Gaga Peg Bundy

Lady Gaga in Melbourne, Australia on July 4.
Photo: Via @girlfromeastLA and @skeletonunicorn/Fox Broadcasting Company

Let's be real for a minute and just say this: Peggy Bundy is a style icon. I mean, whenever we would watch Married... With Children, she'd steal the show with her larger-than-life red hair, animal print ev-er-y-thing, and affinity for new clothes—even it meant putting her husband Al into debt. #dedication So when we spotted Lady Gaga out and about in Melbourne, Australia, on July 4th sporting a tiger striped leotard with black tights, a belt, and gaudy gold baubles, images of Peg Bundy IMMEDIATELY started flooding our brains. We took to the internetz to do some Peggy image research (do we have the best job ever or WHAT?) and found out that our instincts were right. Like, SOOOO right even we were surprised by how right it was. See: Exhibit A.) The photo above.

The animal print leotard is not only perfect in the coloring, but also in the totally dead-on '80s aesthetic. I mean, look at how high the cut of the bodysuit goes up her thigh! That's some reallll throwback stylin', y'all. Lady Gaga decided to add a thick gold chain to her ensemble, while Peggy kept the accessories simple in her workout gear, but both ladies opted for a black belt, opaque tights, and giant gold earrings. What's even MORE perfect is that Mother Mother recently dyed her locks "fox blonde" officially making her hair have a reddish hue JUST like Mrs. Bundy. Like, um, haiiii could this be any more perfect? Probably not! But we have to add one MAJOR side note: Peggy exercised at home in this outfit while Lady Gaga actually wore this IRL to, like, hang out in. While we think leopard leotards are dope, we don't necessarily suggest that you just wear one around... as it is... without any pants on. Kay? But tell us, who do you think wore this retro look better—Lady Gaga or Peggy Bundy?

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