Would You Wear A Dress Made Out Of Gummy Bears?

We're getting hungry just looking at it.
Photo: Twelvhttp://twelvmag.com/media/newsletters/gummybeardress.html Magazine

While edible clothing is typically reserved for gag gifts and Lady Gaga, we'll always pounce on a good perishable frock. Although the meat dress will forever be the end all be all of food fashion, we literally gasped when we saw this Alexander McQueen-inspired gown, wait for it, made entirely out of gummy bears. We also, of course, thought of Katy Perry, who rocked the sweet treats on her knuckles, wearing the ROMEiNGPANDA 3 Finger Multi-Colored Ring while performing awhile back, and who would look right at home in this flowing, rainbow creation. While we usually get caught up in the practicalities of things like this, asking such questions as, didn't Gaga's meat dress smell weird and what happens to the gummy bears if it rains, we were distracted in this case, by the fact that it took 50,000 bears to build the dress, which designers Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi created just for the inaugural print issue of Twelv Magazine.

Created by building a wire base directly onto model Jessica Pitti's body and then gluing each bear on by hand, the dress weighs in at 220 lbs, and required three people to move. Unfortunately this makes it pretty red carpet unfriendly (sadface) but no matter, just seeing it on Pitti is enough.

Would you wear a dress made out of gummy bears?

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