Our Favorite 4th Of July Looks!

Here's something you maybe didn't know about us: almost everyone at MTV Style was born in the summertime. As a veritable army of summer babies, therefore, our predilection for all things sunshine, beach, watermelon and otherwise should be understandable, if not downright expected. It follows, then, that we would be totally, completely, weirdly into the 4th of July. What's better than a holiday where all you have to do to celebrate is have a BBQ with a bunch of your favorite people, wear short shorts, eat some food and then watch fireworks? Nothing. Also America is cool, it's nice to live here, it would be a bummer if it was still England (kinda). Naturally we thought it necessary to round up all of our fave stars and stripes gear so that you, dear stylettes, can celebrate the 4th in red white and blue style.

Denim flag pieces can actually be worn all year round.
Photo: Urban Outfitters, Supra, ASOS

One of the classic uses of the flag in fashion is as adornment for the back of your perfectly distressed denim jacket. This look is definitely not just for the 4th, and can be worn whenever your heart desires. This would be a pretty easy DIY, but if you're not into cutting up old glory (isn't that illegal?), Urban Outfitters has a pretty flawless option ($69.00). Ok so, this is the part of the post where we need to say you don't HAVE to go all out flag on the 4th, and yeah, no, you don't HAVE to, but you also totally can and you have our blessing and even though it's totally silly it's also rad, right? So, you can pair your jean jacket with this totally amazing Tripp NYC mini-skirt ($59.99) and these exclusive (and seemingly sold out, whoops) Supra Skytop II's and be the belle of the BBQ, easy. The only thing missing is...a lip tattoo? We know, weird, right? But, we've actually tried out the Violent Lips Temporary lip tattoos and they're pretty awesome, and ASOS has them on sale ($11.60)!

For a more active 4th of July, jeans are your best bet.
Photo: Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters, Converse

If you're planning on going for a 4th of July adventure, a skirt may not be the most practical option, but luckily, Tripp NYC also makes flag jeans! The classic punk retailer used to only be sold at our favorite downtown New York shops, but it's now available online from Urban (and other online retailers) and we're beyond psyched to not have to drag ourselves down to St. Mark's everytime we're looking for the perfect super tight fit ($129.00). Paired with a star-adorned crop top from Nasty Gal, some flag Converse (which we've been lusting after FOREVER, and not just for the 4th) ($65.00), and a pair of heart shaped sunnies, also from Urban ($14.00), you'll be in business, and ready to pound the pavement, run through a field, or take part in whatever warm weather shenanigans your heart desires.

Sitting by a pool this holiday? We're totes jealz.
Photo: Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Ralph Lauren

If you're lucky enough to have a pool...invite us over! Just kidding (not kidding), but, seriously, if you have a pool, your July 4th options are endless, and amazing. The classic American flag bikini is an all-summer-long classic, and we LOVE this version from Ralph Lauren ($65, top and bottom sold seperately). If you want to cover up, Forever 21 has this totally adorbs little striped skirt, which you could also wear on Bastille Day (natch) and is on sale ($10.99) so it will offset the cost of the bikini. Finished off with a pair of red and white striped espadrilles and a donut shaped pool float ($18.00, and also, we know), there will be nobody poolside with holiday game like you.

What are you up to for the 4th of July?

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