4th Of July Manicures That Totally Blow Us Away

OMG, IT'S JULY. *pants* We have no idea how June slipped away from us so quickly, but this only means one thing—Fourth of July is almost heereeee! While we're sooo excited, we're also a WEE bit panicked that we only have *looks at calendar* TWO DAYS to figure out what badass nail game we're going to sport during our BBQ party. Thankfully we rounded up some stellar options that we hope will inspire you to pull out ALL the stops this holiday; as in, these are the best Independence Day manis ever. Above, one of our favorite artists over at Nailside TOTALLY killed it with a silver star-spangled mani complete with an exploding firework design on the thumb and ring finger, and absolutely PER. FECT. stripes on the remaining tips. We think she deserves a round of applause. *claps in a circular motion*

First off, WUT. We never thought 4th of July nails could look so glam, but the ladies over at Amelie's Nail have obviously proved otherwise! They did red, white and blue stripes with a gold studded anchor on top, and basicallllyy we lost it. Even the solid-colored tips are adorned with pretty rhinestones at the cuticles. UHHMERRICHHAA!

Guys, this isn't just your everyday stars and stripes, this is stars with stripes inside. *mind explodes* The lady over at Spellbound Nails took a totally traditional red and white striped design, laid star stickers on it, and painted navy polish across the top. Once it all dried, she peeled the star stickers off, and voilà! The most creative 4th of July design yet!

Sure, at first glance you're like, "Cool, American flag nails? Seen that before!" But look at little closer friends. The fun gals behind Hey Nice Nails actually pierced their ring finger nail. Yeah. F'real. Nothing gets more badass than that!

If you're looking for a less obvious Independence Day mani, we like this '80s art deco-inspired striped set from Lacquerized. Obviously you would use navy instead of black polish, but overall this is kind of REALLY awesome.

What's 4th of July without showing a little love to the good ol' U.S. of A.? We're obsessed with these simple but seriously cute red, silver, and striped nails with a heart on the accent nail. It's a girly take on the holiday mani, which we love, and it's still totally wearable long after the fireworks have faded away.

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