Rihanna's Street Style Is Very Monochromatic Lately


Rihanna's monochromatic street style on June 24, 27, and 28, 2012.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

Well well WELL, Rihanna! Don't think we haven't noticed your little street style trend as of late. We're on to you and your monochromatic ways. Wearing one hue head-to-toe like it just happened that way or something. We almost weren't going to say anything until we saw you step out in London in this all-black everything (no, really) ensemble last Thursday - black Brooklyn Nets snapback (a display of pure Roc Nation love, no doubt), black wayfarer shades, black tee, black warmup suit, black Air Yeezy 2s. Seems easy enough, right? WRONG. Anyone who's tried to put together an entirely black outfit knows clothes come in varied shades of black with green, red, and blue undertones, it's an almost-impossible feat to accomplish. That is, unless you're Rihanna.

Just one day prior, Rihanna wore this beautiful, bright red suit by Acne with light pink satin lapel and tuxedo stripe details, shedding light on the real reason why Ri's monochromatic looks work so well: they're all two-piece sets. Even this set of heather grey warmups with white adidas-style racing stripes - the first one-color outfit to catch our collective eye - fits the bill. Matching really IS easy when your pieces are pre-paired!

Maybe Justin Bieber was on to something with that Run-D.M.C. channelling tracksuit he sported in late April. Or, judging too from their similar head harness steez, perhaps Rihanna and Rita Ora's stylists have been talking. Whatever the origin, the monochromatic look/trend is definitely one we'll be keeping our eyes on. What do you think of Rihanna's same-color street style?

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