Chronicling Lana Del Rey's Ever Growing Bouffant

Lana Del Rey and her bouffant performing at the Eurokeenes Festival.
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The great Dolly Parton once said, "the higher the hair, the closer to god." Well, we don't know about that, but we do know that one miss Lana Del Rey has been rockin' some heaven-scraping locks as of late. Could Lana be testing out Dolly's theory? If she is, she doesn't seem to think it's working too well, or else we don't think she would be pushing her 'do to ever more gravity defying heights. Initially this was a print mag only look, with Lana rocking the 60's 'do on the cover of Vogue Japan, and even earlier in the internation edition of Interview.

Most recently spotted playing the Eurokeennes Music Festival on July 1st in Belfort, France, Lana's bouffant appears to be in fine shape, high as ever and supported by a sturdy looking white headband. Could that headband also double as a bump-it? WE don't think so-we think this bouffant is 100% teased goodness. Although we find the ever growing height to be a bit of a head-scratcher, Lana's 'do is entirely fitting with her retro-goddess steeze as of late.

Lana has been rocking and ever-growing bouffant for weeks now.
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Our favorite incarnation of Lana's bouffant, however, is when she pairs the look with more of the moment, less retro outfits. We like our Etsy with a touch of streetwear, nawhatimsayin? The singer paired one of the more gravity defining versions of the look, sans headband (look ma, no bumpit!), paired with an oversized army jacket and demure peach dress buttoned up to there, at London's Lovebox festival on June 17th. She looked peachy keen in the early days of the look as well, wearing a significantly more relaxed version of the look while out and about in London.

Did you know that back in the day, women actually used to stuff their bouffants to get greater height? Everything from socks to foam to frozen juice cans were used to create the illusion of height, and we would kill to know if Lana has anything hidden up there. She clearly isn't doing it the same way every time-sometimes the poof id closer to the front, as it was at Lovebox and again when Lana was spotted outside of her London hotel heading to Hackney Weekend, and other times, as at Eurokeenes and Isle of Wight-when Lana accessorized the 'do with a black flower hairpiece and wore a shredded tee-it appears to start further back.

What do you think of Lana's bouffant? Should she go even higher?

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