These Are A Few Of Neon Hitch's Favorite Things

Neon Hitch loves herself a good headdress.
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

I fondly remember the day Neon Hitch made me faint, then convulse, in my Tina Turner concert Tee x shredded skinnies combo outside of Lincoln Center *starry-eyed sigh.* Neon (side-note: Neon is her actual/uh-maze name) was werking NYFW front rows in what I can only describe as a Pocahontas-as-a-pop-star lewk complete with fiery red locks that would make Ginger Spice ugly cry, a tribal Beyonce-rivaling thigh-showcasing onesie, and those infamous/ginormous DIY head-dresses of hers. Oh, there's also the recently released video for the kiiinda NSFW "Love U Betta" in which the killer heels-clad former trapeze artist breaks <3s whilst showing off her enviable flexibility game in a goth cemetery… before slip n' sliding in lots of body paint. #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun. Well, it's Fave Thangs Fridays, and let's be real for a sec -- Neon's fashion-y picks totes have the MTV Style HQ feeling thangs/opening credit cards/unsuccessfully crafting peacock-feather head-pieces. How 'bout y'all?


Statement Piece: My headdresses!

eBay Purchase: A vintage Thai headdress.

Not just any old Reeboks, custom sneaks all the way.
Photo: Neon Hitch


Sneakers: My custom Reeboks.

Fast Food Chain: Subway.

Neon Hitch's perfume.
Photo: Neon Hitch


Perfume: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.

Wise words.
Photo: Neon Hitch


Tattoo: "Amy" (for Amy Winehouse) on my finger and "Pema" (my sister) on my arm as they both mean so much to me. I also have a tattoo that says "They said I'm a dreamer." -- it's a lyric from my song "Hello."

Magazine: Psychology Magazine.

Karaoke Jam: Spice Girls - "Wannabe"!

We're so jealous of this vintage t-shirt.
Photo: Neon Hitch


Concert T-Shirt: Vintage Michael Jackson.


Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Zebra print stick-on designs.