Marc Jacob's 'South Park' Doll Can Be Yours For $125

'Muscleman Marc' doll.
Photo: Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has already earned his fair share of bragging rights, what with a CFDA "Lifetime Achievement Award" to his name, a fan base that reads like a Who's Who of Hollywood's A-List, and a fashion empire of crazy-cute clothing (NBD). Oh, and here's one more honor to add to his overstuffed resume- Jacobs goes down in history as the first designer ever to be immortalized in an episode of South Park. Random? Yes. Totally awesome? Absolutely, and the love between the designer and the series is clearly mutual. Jacobs first incorporated Cartman, Randy Marsh, and Butters into his collection of "Protect Yourself" tees back in February, and now he's back for round 2 of TV merch. We first spotted the hilariously amazing 'Muscle Marc' doll with Cartman in the "1%" episode, and....drum roll, please...finally we can score it for ourselves.

The designer has transformed 'Muscle Marc' into a real plush toy, complete with sneakers, a bare chest, and littered with tats (yes!). Besides the fact that this designer doll is the perfect addition to pretty much any bedroom, let's face it- it's probably our only chance to get up close and personal with MJ himself. The only bad news? This seriously high fashion plaything retails for a cool $125. Not exactly wallet-friendly, and it's pricier than many of the accessories in the Marc by Marc department. Jacobs isn't the first designer rolling out luxe toys, either. Earlier this summer Karl Lagerfeld introduced his namesake toy bear, originally priced at $1500, and shocker-it's now sold out. Are you willing to shell out for these designer dolls? Or would you rather save your money and splurge on something you can actually wear? Let us know!

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