New iPhone App Tells You How To Dress For The Weather

Cloth's new weather app.
Photo: Courtesy of Cloth

Confession: ever since we first saw Clueless, like, a million years ago, we've been obsessing over a way to score Cher Horowitz's awesome computerized closet for ourselves. Although we probably won't be able to nab the real thing anytime soon (plus who are we kidding-our apartments are way too small for a walk-in space!), Cloth's new iPhone app comes about as close as we're gonna get. The company first emerged on the tech scene back in 2011 as a way to share outfits with friends, save your favorites, and organize your closet- virtually, anyway. Now it's announced a MAJOR update, one that's so genius we wonder why nobody has thought of it first. Enter Cloth Weather, the new component which incorporates the temperature into your daily fashion choices. Duh, right?!

When you take a photo of what you're wearing, weather data from Wunderground gets saved into your phone right alongside an image of your brand-new sundress. The app categorizes your pictures by temperatures as well as rain, sunshine, or snow, so the next time you're in search of an outfit, you don't have to frantically comb your wardrobe for clothes that work with the conditions outside. It's quick, fun, and guaranteed to make getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier (snooze button, anyone?). Let's just say Cher Horowitz would be jealous...

Available for $1 at the iTunes store.

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