Olsens Release Another Really, Really Expensive Bag

Olsen Twins The Row Fur Bag

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen at the CFDA Fashion Awards on June 4 and their bag from The Row.
Photo: WireImage

Listen, we're well aware Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen KNOW style. They won the highly-acclaimed Womenswear Designer of the Year Award at the CFDAs, which currently puts them at the top of the 2012 fashion roster. But esteemed accolades aside, we need to get real for a second and just say this—they're selling a bag from The Row's pre-fall 2012 collection for nearly $17,000. YEAH. This backpack (that's right! You can tote this sweatfest on your back all summer long!) is a collection of fur patches sewn together into one giant, mismatched fuzzball. Unlike the previous $40,000 The Row crocodile bag from one reptile, which is (oddly) more expensive but equally anger-inducing, this backpack is made from the fur of at least three different animals. Yipes. The thing is, if you're PETA there's obvious reasons to be mad (and they certainly are! #trollsens), but what if you're just a plain ol' fashion person that is looking at this for what it really is—a really, really expensive bag.

And, like, don't get mad at us, but we don't think it's that cute? We know Rachel Zoe is a huge fan because its a "chic way to lug a load of beauty basics," but we can't help but give the stankface every time we stare at it. We never thought we'd say this but, um, did Kanye West execute the fur backpack better AND sooner than the Olsens at his Paris Fashion Week show (that twins also attended)? *ducks* At least his backpack is all the SAME type of fur and not so obviously "HAI, I HATE ANIMALS" as this one is, which we just can't get behind. Let's keep mismatched patchwork back in the '70s where it belongs, shall we? And, um, sorry to be all mom-ish and real on y'all, but no bag is worth half of someone's yearly salary. MTV Style OUT.

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