Ke$ha Debuts 'Suck It' Lip Tattoo

Ke$ha lip tattoo

Ke$ha and her inner lip tattoo.
Photo: Getty Images/Ke$ha's Instagram

Just when we thought Ke$ha's studded hair was jaw-dropping, the pop singer debuted a lip tattoo yesterday via Twitter that completely blew us away. Not only just she get inked on the inside of her lips (yow!), but she also penned the phrase "SUCK IT!" in all caps, complete with an exclamation point. Yep, now with the flip of a lip, she can tell people to get off her steez without saying a word. But is no one thinking what we're thinking—WHY IS THE "S" NOT A DOLLAR SIGN?! This is going against, like, everything Ke$ha stands for, and we're just a little sad she didn't use the money sign whenever/wherever possible. Maybe it would've gotten muddled in such a tiny space, but to be honest, we're kinda bummed. :(

Now Ke$ha officially joins the ranks of other lip-tatted musicians including Lil Wayne (he has a smiley face inside his lower lip) and Millionaires' singer Ashley Green (she has the numbers "5150" inked inside her mouth, which means "legally insane" in California state law code), but, um, did y'all notice something ELSE that's happening in Ke$ha's up close and personal Instagram photo? Two words: Gold. Tooth. *claps* We can't fault the girl for going BALLS OUT with her badass style, so we gotta give her props for always sticking to her guns, but what do you think? Are you into Ke$ha's new lip tat? Let us know in the comments below!

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