Would You Carry A Scented iPhone Case?

Chocolate Scented iPhone Case

We wonder, is it milk chocolate, or dark chocolate?
Photo: Thinkgeek

Remember life before cell phones? Probably not, huh? Well, we do, and it was really different. You couldn't have confusing text message interactions with your crush, your mom couldn't call you whenever she wanted, you actually had to print out directions in advance or, gasp, carry a map. It was madness. We even had a beeper for awhile. CRAZY. But now we have iPhones, Blackberries, Google Map, gizmos and gadgets aplenty, you know the drill, and as a result, we also have to make choices about the accessories that surround them. A knuckleduster iPhone case works for Rihanna, but is it right for you? Maybe you're further towards ten on the cuteness spectrum. Enter the Chocolate Scented iPhone 4 Case. Making things scented it like the final frontier of novelty items, so of course this exists, but, would you really want your phone, and by proxy your bag or pocket, to smell like candy all the time?

We haven't actually smelled it for ourselves, so we don't know how overwhelming the chocolate smell is, but we once bought fruit punch scented nail polish and that was kind of weird. The case looks like it would totally do the job protecting your phone, though, which is a plus. It's also only $14.99, which is cheaper than many of the iPhone cases on the market. Really, when you think about it, this could be the perfect accessory for someone who just can't get enough chocolate. We also have to admit the smiley face is kinda cute.

Would you buy a chocolate scented iPhone case?

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