Azealia Banks Brings Back Jelly Shoes And Now We Want A Pair

Azealia Banks Jelly Shoes

Azealia Banks in London on June 26 wearing jelly shoes.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Amazon/Zappos/Topshop

If there's one scent from childhood we'll never forget, it's the stench of rubber jelly sandals. Don't get us wrong, we loved those shoes TO. DEATH. (um, clear pink with glitter, anyone? *raises hand*) and wore them at every possible opportunity—to the beach, to birthday parties, on the trampoline, everywhere! So, you can only imagine how ECSTATIC we were when we saw Azealia Banks resurrect our old footwear favorites at The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party earlier this week. She paired bright orange stacked gladiator sandals with a pink sequin and fur Moschino Cheap & Chic fall 2012 frock and a tangerine collar, which totally screams, "Haiii! Summer's here!" Outfit aside, we NEEDED to found out where to cop jellies just like Azealia's and, according to our amazeballs internet sleuthing, there are a buttload of options out there. Still! After all these years! Yesss.

Of all the shoes we stumbled upon, we couldn't get over how gosh darn close this JUJU Jellies pair from the '70s were to Azealia's own shoes. I mean, the white buckle, the thick heel, the color—it's all too much! Other cool jelly finds include a pair of Marc Jacobs wood platforms, which are an updated version of the childhood staple. Topshop also makes a killer pair of black jellies that can go with just about anything in your wardrobe, and if you want an exact replica from your glory days, go for the clear Andres Machado sandals for a whopping $20. (Note: The description of these shoes also has the most hilarious typo of all time. Two bucks to anyone that can find it! Or, you know, a virtual high-five.) But what do you think—are you glad the jelly shoe trend is coming back in style or do you wish it was never resurrected? Tell us in the comments below!

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