Would You Wear This Totally Exposed Blouse?

Nasty Gal Totally Exposed Blouse

Nasty Gal is selling this Totally Exposed Blouse.
Photo: Courtesy of Nasty Gal

Remember when sheer shirts first started being a thing? We were all, "OMG, it's so see-through! People are totally going to see my bra. Am I okay with that???" After a while, we got over it, learning the subtle nuances of lingerie and which brassieres are "inside-only" and which ones are meant (at least potentially) for showing off. Over time, sheer tops grew to be a bit more normal, still fashion-forward but not a thing we'd NEVER seen before. As with most trends, there comes a turning point when a steez starts to feel a little played out and people begin to look for the newest envelope-pushing look. Perhaps then, this Totally Exposed Blouse from Nasty Gal is just the next and final step for bra-baring fashions before we do a complete 180 and walk back in the direction of turtlenecks. Or maybe this is the latest evolution of the cutout trend we've grown to love so much. Either way, we're not exactly 100 percent on this style, so we're consulting you, dear readers, for your opinion on this top.

Frankly, we're more confused by the garment than anything else. The "Totally Exposed Blouse" is aptly named in that, well, yea, its wearer is going to be totally exposed. BUT does this really count as a "blouse"?? To us, it feels kinda more like a cross between a cape with sleeves and a body harness. Plus a collar. That might not be the most ecommerce-friendly name, though... The Nasty Gal model wears her Totally Exposed Blouse with a leather bustier crop top and denim cut-offs which raises questions about when a person would wear this outfit. Perhaps a music festival? But those loose hem straps and placket seem a bit cumbersome. Can you imagine the seriously awkward tan lines this ensemble is setting you up for? *shudders, applies sunscreen* But maybe we're just on the cusp of being convinced that this is the next big underwear-as-outwear trend. What do YOU think? Would you wear this Totally Exposed Blouse?

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