Selena Gomez Debuts Fragrance Commercial

Selena Gomez Fragrance

A still from Selena Gomez's debut fragrance commercial.
Photo: Courtesy of SelGomez's YouTube Channel

Remember when we caught Selena Gomez splashing around in a giant pink-and-purple fish tank? She told us (via Facebook) that it was all for her then-yet-to-be-released debut fragrance, and we happily waited for the forthcoming photographs. While we were sure the products of this shoot in a vat of girly hued liquid would surface for the packaging and marketing graphics, we pulled a knee-jerk facepalm when Sel tweeted about her latest perfume ad because *DOH!* we had almost forgotten that girl was still due to release a COMMERCIAL for this thang!

As we deduced from the initial behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, the 30-second spot is preeeeeetty steamy. Selena romps around in the colored water in floor-length chiffon that flutters around dreamily in every frame. The entire commercial is in reality-halting slow-motion with key moments featuring Selena dramatically emerging from the water. Also, she's looking ALL SORTS of Phoebe Cates à la her infamous pool scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. As in, boys may very well start flocking to Macy's beauty departments to snag Selena Gomez perfume posters for their bedrooms. The ad is racy, even a bit suggestive, and is definitely a departure from her boyfriend Bieber's Peter Pan channelling Someday commercials, but truth be told, Sel never actually shows anything. What do you guys think of Selena's fragrance ad?


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