Katy Perry Sparkles At The 'Katy Perry: Part Of Me' Premiere

Katy Perry Performance Outfit

Katy Perry shut down Hollywood Boulevard in this show-stopping, cinematic look.
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Hollywood Boulevard was transformed into a concert venue yesterday, as Katy Perry blocked off the avenue and took to the stage before the premiere of her new 3D concert documentary, Katy Perry: Part of Me. Decked out in an at-the-movies-themed bustier-strategically placed film reels and all-and a thematically matching popcorn skirt, Perry performed songs spanning her career, from her first single "I Kissed A Girl" all the way up to "Wide Awake." Of course, no Katy performance would be complete without at least one costume change of some kind, and Perry delivered by slipping out of her skirt to reveal a pair of high-waisted, candy bar print hotpants. While this transformation has nothing on the eight costume changes Katy completes during her performance of "Hot N Cold" in the concert doc, it's definitely something.

Katy Perry Premiere Dress

Katy Perry's Dolce & Gabbana has elements of both graceful old hollywood and playful rockabilly.
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After wowing the crowd out on the boulevard, Katy took a more traditional, albeit still totally glam, route on the red, or wait, excuse me, pink, carpet. Wearing a strapless, bright red cocktail length gown and matching red pumps, Katy looked every bit the silver screen darling posing with friends and family. We love the dress, with its luxuriously draped sweetheart bodice and peek-a-boo black crinoline for a little bit of rockabilly flair, but the real wow factor comes in the close up. The Dolce & Gabbana masterpiece isn't your typical summer silk, no: it's velvet. While it's an unlikely choice for a summer premiere and Katy was probably close to sweltering in the LA desert heat, we loved the pure, unabashed glamor of the look. It's Katy's party, and she'll wear velvet in the summer if she wants to (also props to Johnny Wujek, most fearless stylist ever, as always). We would be remiss if we didn't also mention Katy's beyond bonkers nail game, featuring 3D glasses, another film reel, and popcorn, painted over ruby slipper glitter. The mani matched Katy's iced out birthday cake slice clutch, well, sweetly, and really sent her ultra-luxe look over the top.

Katy Perry Premiere Nails

Glitter, glitter, everywhere!
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Meanwhile, across the country, I had the pleasure of snapping on some 3D glasses and seeing the Katy Perry: Part of Me for myself. Not going to lie, I was kind of wishing I was at the premiere rather than in a silent theater in the middle of Times Square, but I was so excited to finally be seeing the film that in the end it didn't matter where I was. Now, I knew that the movie was going to be a sartorial doozy-I mean, there were over fifty outfits in the trailer alone-but nothing had prepared me for the fashion feast for the eyes with which I was greeted. From the fact that Katy works out in the Deer Dana Kanye t-shirt, to her interview outfit, which consisted of the Egyptian-leaning, Eye of Providence Topshop Unique dress we just spotted on Azealia Banks last weekend, there were countless times that I actually audibly squealed over Katy's looks. I would feel bad about this if it weren't for the fact that the rest of the audience was gasping and shrieking and laughing the entire time too, so, no shame.

It's no secret that around here we're kind of a lot obsessed with Katy's bestie, stylist, and costume designer Johnny Wujek. I knew that he played a huge role in the film because of the teaser trailer focused on him, but it's easy to forget just how hard that man must have to work. From premieres to music videos to magazine shoots, Wujek is like a styling machine, always pushing the limits and coming up with a look that's even crazier than the next. Katy's tour, which is the focus of the film, featured a whopping 17 costume changes, and we were in awe of Wujek's ability to design ensembles that would both perfectly represent Katy's fantastical, glittery vision while also be movement friendly and wardrobe malfunction proof. I'm also desperate to know how all the wheels spin and the lights flicker while they're on Katy's body, but that's a question for another day.

Needless to say, I absolutely loved the movie. Not just because I'm a total Katy Kat, but also because it showed a side of the star that you would never be able to see otherwise. Personal drama and heartache aside, it lets us all in on the secret that being a pop star is really, REALLY hard work. Katy shoots from city to city, show after show, like a meteor, and much like her similarly cosmic rise from struggling singer-songwriter, through label after label, her journey through space is not entirely paved in gold. You also get to meet all the people who have the singer's back, from her sister, to her manager, to, of course, Wujek, and Katy's makeup artist Jake Bailey, who says Katy "plucked [him] straight from the makeup counter," a line which caused the audience to let out a collective "awwww."

While we wish we could give you a play by play of every detail, and outfit, in Katy Perry: Piece of Me, there are not enough hours in the day (and we think that might push our Stan status over into the creep-zone), so you're just going to have to see the movie for yourself (although, two words: CAT CAFE, and also, I may have cried. Not just once.)! It'll be in theaters everywhere July 5th, so get your blue wig brushed and your glitter nails sharpened!

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