Is Lady Gaga Taking Style Tips From Steven Tyler?

Lady Gaga, Steven Tyler

Lady Gaga arrives in Melbourne, Australia, and Steven Tyler performs in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Photo: Getty Images

Far be it from us to suggest that Lady Gaga is swagger-jacking Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. We're just saying, postulating rather, that perhaps Mother Monster has been catching up on episodes of American Idol while resting up after her Born This Way Ball concussion, and all those guest performances had a sartorial influence on the pop star. We can't shake how visibly inspired her Melbourne arrival togs appear to be. Crazier things have happened, right?

When we first saw this wide-brim hat + sunglasses + draped jacket look, Gaga wore it in all-black with a low-slung silver concho belt two days after her mid-concert clonker. It was a stark change from her polished peplum steez of late, so naturally, we took notice and tried a little to define the reference points. The look is notably '70s, mysterious, and even a little masculine. We tossed around several names - Stevie Nicks, Jim Morrison, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash - but the one that stuck and held ground, backed up with several pages of similar suiting, was Steven Tyler.

Looking at the two side by side cements our suspicions. The over-sized chapeaus, the sun-shielding frames, the appreciation of tailoring and structure mixed with vibrant flowing fabrics. We're pretty sure we're onto something here. Gaga takes general silhouette notes from Tyler - the wool hat, the blazer, the tinted spectacles - but she fits the total look to her own personal style. The colorful scarves that are such a staple for Steven are reimagined as an opulent handkerchief-printed dress worn under a skeleton of Aerosmith-channelling extra. What do you think? Could Gaga be referencing Steven Tyler with this outfit?

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