Did Willow Smith Really Pierce Her Tongue?

Willow Smith's tongue piercing

Did Willow Smith and a friend really pierce their faces?.
Photo: Willow Smith's Instagram

The MTV Style office let out one of our loudest collective gasps in a long while when we noticed this photo on our fave little diva Willow Smith's Instagram. The gasp was followed by a loud "Willow, no!" and much furious internet sleuthing. Could the 11 year old "Whip My Hair" singer have actually PIERCED HER TONGUE??? First of all, too young, obvs. Second of all, doesn't it seem like a really bad idea to combine braces and a tongue ring? Right?! Ugh. Willow poses in the photo with her gal pal Bobbie DeBarge, who was also sporting a stud lip piercing. So, are the piercings real? Willow would have needed a parent's consent to get her tongue pierced in the state of California, and we just cannot believe that any parent would let their 11 year old get a piercing like that. I mean, we were that age when we got our EARS pierced.

In subsequent photos of the body adornments, DeBarge hashtagged them with #fake, #dontjudge, and #dontberude, so we're pretty sure we're safe, but we wonder if Will and Jada had heart attacks like we did. Too soon, Willow, too soon! So, now that we're clutching our chests and breathing a sigh of relief, we can return to our regularly scheduled Willow Smith programming, i.e. stalking her t-shirt game and keeping scientific track of her hair color changes.

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