Ed Westwick Walks In Men's Fashion Week Sporting A Teeny Tiny Moustache

Ed Westwick Men's Fashion Week

Ed Westwick walks during the Philipp Plein Spring/Summer 2013 show during Milan Fashion Week on June 23.
Photo: Getty Images

Listen, we always take fashion week VERY seriously over here at MTV Style, and when it comes to men's clothing, it's no different. But when we spotted Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick walking during Philipp Plein's spring/summer 2013 show in Milan over the weekend, we couldn't help but let out a girly giggle. The typically smooth and stylish Mr. Westwick was sporting a teeny tiny John Waters-esque moustache, and, hehehehe, it was kind of hard to take him seriously with that facial hair. Like, we KNOW he can kill it as a model (see: Ed's K-Swiss ad campaign), but what's up with this creepy facial fuzz on the runway? *side eye* It's certainly killing his model-y steez, and we no likey.

The most confusing part about this whole look is that stubble still remains around his jaw, yet the area below his nose is completely shaved clean up until about 3 millimeters above his lip. Iiiintersting. He paired this 'stache with a skull-adorned leather varsity jacket, a deep V graphic tee, white trousers, and brown buckled shoes. We're not QUITE sure how a casual-cool look got paired with such a serious, statement-making 'stache, but we just want to say that we're totally on-board with the rest of his beauty game. That effortless combed-back coif and those groomed-yet-unkempt eyebrows surely make us weak in the knees, but the SECOND our eyes hit his upper lip *shiver* all is lost. Bring back the ol' Ed! We miss his all-over facial stubble paired with his sultry smize. Please? XOXO, MTV Style

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