Happy 2nd Birthday To Us!

MTV Style 2nd Birthday Cat

Settle down, so I can eat you!
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Die-hard MTV readers know that our 2nd birthday isn't actually until tomorrow, but if you fall within this elite tier of human (go ahead and brush your shoulders off), you ALSO know that we will use aaaaany excuse available to gorge on cupcakes, Swedish Fish, and other assorted sweets. Thus, we're starting the celebration a day early this year, and if you keep whining about it, we reserve the right to kick you out of this party.

We will officially be two years old tomorrow, and we've definitely come a long way since birth back in 2010 and even since our birthday just last year. We've learned to walk. Heck, we're even running a little. We witnessed the cast of Jersey Shore go retro for Jimmy Fallon, watched Lauren Conrad embrace her wild side, and it was on the 2011 Video Music Awards red carpet that Beyonce unveiled the baby bump heard 'round the world.

Over the past 365 days, we raised a glass and bid a bittersweet adieu to the hilarious and impeccably accessorized Andi Teran, a voice we'll forever take pride in claiming as part of the MTV Style canon. We also welcomed two fresh-faced Associate Editors to this crazy lil' family. The addition of Maud Deitch has breathed some blonde ambition into our formerly dark-mane-only dream team, but rest assured, the brain underneath those flaxen locks is just as weird and wonderful as each of ours. Liza Darwin joins the party as our resident Quick Draw McGraw, cropping and coding and writing the roof off the place in mere minutes. Also, she has the BEST shoe game. Always.

Long story short, we've grown a LOT over the past year. As we embark on our terrible twos, fine-tune our motor skills, and start trying to break that thumb-sucking habit, we're offering up some fun MTV Style factoids from the past year. Enjoy (while we excuse ourselves to go pick the confetti sprinkles out of our hair)!


+ The number of posts that broke fragrance news: 43.

+ Only 8 of those were about Justin Bieber.

+ We wrote about a whopping 95 hair transformations!

+ Of those tonsorial changes, 9 involved Katy Perry.

+ Whether over a boy or a SICK manicure, we've "swooned" a grand total of 57 times.

+ But have only let out 28 exuberant "squee" sounds.

+ The number of times we restocked our candy/snack drawer: Infinity.

+ During Fashion Week: 3.

+ The "shunderwear" phenomena has graced our blog 2 times.

+ The "merkin" has appeared in a surprising 8 posts.

+ And we've seen "denim diapers" (thankfully) only once.

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