Get Dakota Fanning's Two-Piece Topshop Ensemble

Dakota Fanning Topshop

Dakota Fanning in West Hollywood on June 21.
Photo: Splash News

We're totally sold on this whole bralet trend. Although we might not sport the look at work (although we've seen ladies in the office looking fly in their little lacy underthings), we're totally into it for all your weekend, music festival, brunch pursuits. It's hot out there. Dakota Fanning took the whole trend to a whole other level, though, with this Topshop swan print TWO-PIECE matching bralet and skirt ensemble. TWO. PIECE. It's like a shorts suit but so much better. It's also kind of like a combination of our much beloved cut out trend, but way radder because you can wear the pieces together or separately. Total Score if we say so ourselves.

BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER. Guys, there are also matching trousers! Basically you could wear nothing but swan print forever and it would be totally awesome. Swan print uniform? Yes please. There's also a dress with a cut out but that's boring. We want two pieces. The set will set you back a bit, though, with the bralet ringing in at $52.00 and the skirt at $68.00. If you want the pants too, well, you're out of luck, because they seem to be sold out. We're crying at our desks right now. Dakota looks super cute in the top and skirt set, though, so that right there might be enough.

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